Weekly WowBeginning this week, I thought I’d post a short collection of blogs entries and other articles that caught my eye over the last few days and I think are share-worthy.

  • The Power of Asking Questions – Stop talking and start asking questions.  How to better engage, focus on the conversation at hand, and look smarter.  The best part for me was a list of questions to ask at networking events to feel comfortable engaging people you don’t know.
  • CIA Secrets to Success – As a fan of Jason Bourne, this one caught me right away.  You mean I can use spy skills at work?  Awesome.
  • Increase Your Intensity – I joked around with my team when I received this article, asking if they thought I needed to be more intense.  Answer?  NO!  Reading the article, it was more about how to balance your intensity, which I found to be more useful than the original email I received implied.
  • When Negative Feedback Works – Constructively critical feedback does wonders for me, more so than positive feedback.  This article does a great job of outlining what types of employees – based on experience level – benefit most from each form of feedback and why.
  • Ben Franklin was Never Idle – Increase your productivity the Ben Franklin way.  Great insight to Ben’s foray into the printing business.  Favorite – fail often and fail hard, but don’t plan for it.  I like the idea that failure is part of the gig, but do what you can to avoid it instead of just accepting it.

There you have it.  If I could only share 5 articles this week, these are the ones that I found to be the most interesting and insightful.  Instead of sharing more articles each day on Twitter, I thought I’d consolidate them into just a few each week that really stood out.  What are your thoughts?  I’d appreciate your feedback in the comments below.