We all need quiet time.  To have ideas.  To create great things.

Noise and distraction dull our muse.  Our ability to innovate and be creative.

Quiet time does not require meditation or yoga.  We might have our best ideas in the shower or on a walk.  We’ll never have them while we’re going Mach 80, racing from one meeting to another.

As leaders, not only do we need to make time for us to create, but for our teams as well.

If our people can follow standard operating procedures, but don’t do the extra, the creative or the new, it’s time to look at the environment. Often, our offices are filled with noise and visual distraction. They are designed to be able to follow instructions, but not much else.

Blocking calendars, putting phones on mute, working remotely, or going into an office and closing the door, can all help create the space and time for quiet.  For putting in the effort and mental focus necessary for effective communications, thorough performance reviews, or that creative new idea.

If we are surrounded by noise and distraction, our work can become a check in the box. Our people and our customers deserve better than that. We all do.

Find ways to give yourself and your team the space and quiet to create and focus. To create the meaningful instead of the ordinary.