Light at the end of the tunnel-2


There are times when we feel like we are headed forward blindly.  We are tempted to stop or go back, because the way forward is shrouded in darkness.

Our eyesight, and foresight, are not perfect.  Often, light is closer than we realize.

We need to keep putting one foot in front of the other, even when it feels difficult or scary.  Especially when it feels difficult or scary.  Our challenges are what define us and help us grow.  We cannot develop courage without fear.  We cannot become resilient without obstacles.

Just remember, none of us are alone.

Reach a hand back – there may be someone nearby who is also struggling and we can make our way forward together.  Do not focus so much on our own path that we forget there may be others equally challenged.

Look for the light of others, reflected on the walls around us.  We can all learn from the journeys of others and the lessons they can provide.  If we are blind to them, the path will be darker than needed.