Wondering where to find the best sources and sites to learn more about leadership?  Look no further.  From communication to development, servant leadership to team dynamics, there’s something for everyone.

Featured Resources

Site / Blog Value
Lead with Giants Led by Dan Forbes, this is a wonderful community focused on developing people, helping others, and all the great things that successful leadership can bring. See Social Media for other Lead with Giants engagement.
Seth Godin Seth is the author of numerous best-selling leadership books. He has a fresh perspective, mixing the thought provoking with inspirational and challenging. His blog posts are often short, to the point, and filled with insights.
Lead from Within Lolly Daskal is all about the heart. She believes that leadership starts from within us, and if we’re true to ourselves we can be the kind of leaders worth following.
Leadership Freak Dan Rockwell provides leadership inspiration in 500 words or less. Pithy and pointed, he gets right to it in his writings. If you don’t have a lot of time, then read this.
ThoughtLEADERS Mike Figliuolo was in the Army and went into consulting before he started his own company, dedicated to teaching organizations how to be better…leaders, project managers, and more. His blog includes some of his own stories, as well as guest articles by other thought leaders and authors.
Switch & Shift Switch & Shift publishes a collection of writers on a variety of leadership topics, particularly focused on the evolving social nature of leadership.
Smart Brief on Leadership Collections of articles with the ability to receive daily emails with the best content on the web regarding leadership, business, etc.
Online Publications with a Leadership Focus/Section

Articles about leadership from a variety of writers/authors/ bloggers across industries. Content varies from current events, best practices, etc.
Site / Blog Value

An iTunes podcast library of all things leadership.  Want some inspiration or learning on your commute, download a few of these and you’re guaranteed to learn something

Dov is a leadership author and speaker, who creates his own podcasts, as well as appearing on Inc Radio.

Simon Sinek @ TED.com

Simon is the author of “Leaders Eat Last” and “Start with Why” – one of the most popular videos on TED.com.

Brené Brown @ TED.com

Brené speaks about vulnerability and imperfection, and how to embrace them to become our authentic selves.

Michael’s podcasts focus on intentional leadership, including time management, learning from our mistakes, and avoiding hiring fails to name a few.

Each day, John releases “A Minute with Maxwell” – a minute-long leadership insight to start your day.  You can register to have them sent to you through Learn Out Loud (link to left).

HBR has a bi-weekly podcast available to register and download for free through Learn Out Loud (link to left).  Topics range from leadership to management and general business.

Author Books Value
Patrick Lencioni
Patrick Lencioni is an amazing author that uses fables to articulate organizational challenges and methods for improvement. At the end of each book is a structured methodology to meet each challenge, but the stories are what makes these gold in leadership reading. They resonate with anyone that’s ever attended a meeting or been part of a dysfunctional team. Must reads for leaders that find themselves in challenging times OR to help prevent those challenges altogether.
Michael D. Watkins
Recommended by a CIO that used this book for her first 90-days in a new role, this book provides strategies for making the most of that first impression and moving forward with a solid strategy for engaging a team and not running over them.
John C. Maxwell
The 21 book comes highly recommended by Dan Forbes, a thought leader in the leadership community. The book covers a variety of leadership topics. When researching top leadership books, the others were highly recommended for all leaders. They are on my to- read list.
Daniel Harkavy
Another Dan Forbes recommendation. Core focus areas are Life Planning, Business Vision, Business Planning and Priority Management. Has insight for all levels, from contributor to CEO.
Victor Prince & Mike Figliuolo
This is a recent release, co-authored by Mike F from ThoughtLeaders. The book provides an actionable and effective framework for evaluating employees and determining what type of coaching and development they need. A must for new people managers or anyone that struggles with the right approach.
Susan Scott
Fierce Conversations
Relationships – work or home – are build and burdened by how effective and “real” our conversations are. Susan provides an easy framework for the types of conversations we need to have and how to have them. Her recommendations can help you get past head nods at meetings to in-depth discussions needed for real change.
Otto Kroeger
Type Talk at Work
MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is about understanding yourself first, and then the other types of personalities that exist, to increase awareness of how you might be perceived by others. Type Talk at Work can help the reader gain an appreciation for other styles and perceptions, not to change who you are, but to give you additional knowledge and awareness to increase success.
Seth Godin
The world is filled with scripted and repeatable work that can be automated or eliminated. To be memorable and make a lasting impact, we need to be artists. Seth’s book is an inspiring read about how and why we should aspire to be irreplaceable.
Platform What to Follow Value


Twitter is a great place to engage in thought-provoking conversation on the web. It can feel very one-sided – providing or consuming articles and content. To feel more engaged, comment on articles, retweet them to your followers, etc.


One really great way to engage in leadership discussions is through a tweetchat. New discussions pop up periodically, but Lead with Giants has been going for several years. The facilitator of the chat poses 8-10 questions and everyone participating answers. You can meet new leaders to follow and engage with through the chat.

Google +

More leadership leaders, coaches, etc are using Google+ to engage. Since Facebook is more social, this seems to be a great extension for communities, like leadership, to have a place to gather.

With communities, you can post your own content, blog links, etc based on the parameters of the community. This allows many thought leaders to engage equally, unlike a Facebook page/site, which may focus on the owner’s content.


There are affinity groups, such as universities, businesses, etc that you can join, post content, and engage directly with others who have similar interests. You can also follow established leaders, such as Richard Branson, and have access to their writings.

Remember this is a professional community, so you may want to search out some “things to avoid on LinkedIn” before getting started. Your future manager may be watching.


Many authors and thought leaders referenced in this resource list have Facebook pages. If they do, the pages allow for content and insight they may not offer on other media outlets (most try to be diverse) and the ability for you to comment and read the comments of others.


Boards dedicated to leadership are growing.  By using Pinterest’s explore feature, you can find all pins related to leadership topics and select pinners to follow.  Pinterest is a great resource for visual content…such as infographics, coaching and development guides, and inspirational quotes.


This is an emerging platform for leadership content.  Most of it is focused on images with inspirational leadership quotes, as well as insights into authors and other key figures.