Embrace the good, even if it’s a challenge

Embrace the good, even if it’s a challenge

Bad things may be easier to believe, it doesn't make them true.
We are often our own worst critics. So when someone else chimes in with their own criticism, it’s as if we expected it. It reaffirms our fears.

As a result, It can be difficult to take a compliment. To say thank you without thinking “but”.

If we’re not careful, we can fall into the trap of what we didn’t get done. Focusing on the mistakes we made instead of being proud of our accomplishments. Of what we were able to do.

While it may be easier to believe the bad stuff, because it sounds like the fears running around our heads, that doesn’t make it true.

To make it easier to believe the good stuff, we have to flip our thinking. While humility is good, self-sabotage is not. We have to periodically remind ourselves of our strengths. Of how much we rock.

The next time someone offers a compliment, pause before deflecting. Embrace the feeling and sentiment to say thank you. Resist the urge to argue or mentally check off what could have been done differently.

Over time, the good stuff will be easier to believe.