Follow the map that leads to you

Follow the map that leads to you

Follow the road that leads to who you aspire to be


There will be rough terrain.  It may feel like we’re traveling in circles at times.  Mountains we aren’t sure we will be able to crest.

But we will also experience majestic views.  Strengthen our mental and physical muscles.  Look back on our journey with a sense of accomplishment.

We are each following our own map.  A map that leads to who we aspire to be.  Whether we realize it or not.

Every twist and turn.  Every dark night.  Every boulder and ravine.

Wherever it is that we think we’re headed, our destination is the same.  We are all headed to the version of ourselves that is waiting.  Waiting for us to experience what we must experience along our journey.

While fear, disappointment, or hurt are possible – and highly likely – along the way…there’s also joy, love, and excitement to be found.  When the path is rough, remember that it’s all part of the journey.  The map that will get you to the you of your dreams.