Make magic a part of your life


This week, I’m in Florida, spending time with witches and wizards.  My son and I have been reading the first Harry Potter book over the last few weeks in preparation for butter beer, chocolate frogs, and casting spells.

While literal spells and witchcraft are not a part of my life, I do believe in magic.  The magic of possibilities.  Of inspiration.  Of joy and love.

Magicians transform what is into what can be.  Fix what is broken.  Unlock doors.

We do not need a wand or crystal ball to create magic in our own lives, or that of our families and teams.  Being present, creating opportunities, or resolving challenges – they may all sound simple, but can be powerful to those around us.

Open yourself to magic, and you can transform your life and that of those around you.  And if you happen to keep a magic wand in your office (I do), all the better.