Are you treading water or riding the waves?

Sometimes, I feel like we are all in the middle of a vast ocean, looking for an elusive oasis.

The water could alternately be calm, with a light current that carries us along, or rough, with waves of change crashing all around.

We all react to our circumstances differently, but there are definite patterns.

If we spend our time treading water, we will do a lot of work and not get very far.  Our energy gets spent, we stay in the same place, and we’re worn out before the water even starts to get rough.

Some of us float, letting the current take us where it may.  While we’ll move forward, it’s at the whim of our environment, rather than choice.

Picking a direction and moving forward is the only way to get anywhere fast.  We may not know what’s on the other end, but it’s not here.

When rough water comes, as it is bound to do, some of us will dive under the waves.  While we’re less likely to get hit, we can only hold our breath for so long.  At some point, we’re going to get hit when we come up, but we won’t know when it’s coming.

Instead, we should keep our head above water and figure out how to ride the waves.  Not every wave will be ours, but we can move with them until we see the perfect one.  It’s possible we will crash and feel like we’re drowning.  But along the way, we’ll have the best view, and experience a rush like no other.

There may be times when we all need to tread water or float, just to keep our heads above water.  But keep an eye out for the waves – changes in our environment – as they represent our biggest challenges and opportunities.