The strongest relationships aren't built on words.

None of us operate independently in this world.  We are an interdependent species, reliant on relationships for our health and well-being, our livelihood and success.

Whether we are service provider to customer, nurse to patient, employee to manager, or friend to friend.  Our relationships can make all the difference between moving forward successfully or getting stuck in the mire.

The best relationships are built upon a spirit of giving.  Each side invested in the other.  A mutual enterprise built on reciprocity (not score-keeping).

We cannot talk our way to those kinds of relationships.  We have to put in the time and energy.  We have to give to get.

Our actions speak louder than our words.  We can shout.  We can scream.  Our actions can belie or silence our words in but a moment.

Look around.  Who are those that are fully present in our lives?  Who are we fully present for?

When times get hard, those are the ones who stay with us.  Relationships built on words are in the wind when it blows.  Those built on actions are what ground us and help us ride it out.