Invest in Leadership. It never goes out of style.


Whether it’s a pair of black pumps or a string of pearls.  A well-cut suit and power tie.  Some things never go out of style.

They make sense to invest in.  Putting in the extra time and money to find something classic that will last, season after season.

The same can be said of leadership.

Industries and jobs come and go.  When is the last time you saw a typewriter or a steno pool?  Things that were a sci-fi dream on Star Trek in the 60’s are now a reality.  The jobs and companies of today will not be those of the future.

Just like fashion, it makes sense to invest our time and money in development classics.  Those areas that never go out of style.

Leadership stands the test of time.  We still talk about leaders from hundreds of years ago that created a country.  We’ll still be talking about leaders hundreds of years from now, whether it’s those that colonized Mars or something not yet contemplated.

Whether it’s leading ourselves, or others.  Projects or companies.  Leadership skills make the difference between the ability to navigate change and ending up wherever that change leaves us.

Some skills may go the way of bellbottoms and leg warmers.  Leadership is a classic that is here to stay.