The world is not conspiring against you. We each conspire for or against ourselves


We each live in our own heads, all day, every day.  We see through our personal lens of experience and senses. What we can hear, see, touch or feel.

While we live in our own selves, we live among others. Often, what we sense and experience is relative to others – whether it be friends, family, coworkers, or even strangers on the street.

Because we all exist in an environment with others, it would be easy to look outside to their actions or inactions to justify, excuse or blame our current circumstance.  The promotion we did not get, because of…  The bad day we had, because of…  The project that did not get done because of…

Though it may be easy to look externally for our reasons, the reality is that the percentage of psychopaths on this planet is very low.  The odds are slim that anyone in our respective circles is getting up every morning, conspiring to do us harm or unkindness.

Instead, we are the conspirators.  We either make choices and take actions that move us forward, or hold us back.  It is rarely the words or actions of others – rather our response to those – that make all the difference.

It may be uncomfortable to own our actions and decisions.  If we are not happy with where we are in our lives, it would be nice to externalize that.  However, that builds a victim mentality that makes it difficult to move forward with the choices necessary for change.

Yes, there are others around us.  They may even make poor choices that in some way impact us. However, each of them are doing the same thing we are…getting up every day, doing the best they know how.

Some do this in a positive way, taking ownership of their choices, and others as though the world is conspiring to keep them where they are, unsure how to take that next step.

There is a conspiracy out there.  It is whatever one you create for yourself, positive or negative.  Which one do you choose?


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