5 Best Leadership VITAE Posts of 2015


It’s the start of a new year.  Following my own advice, I wanted to look back on what worked well in 2015, and what didn’t, to determine what I can do differently in 2016.

What can I do more of?  Creating space away from work and the incessant need to be busy.

I’ve been able to have more innovative ideas, see what’s working and needed shifts in my team, and better mentor and develop others when I’m rested, and have taken regular breaks from the daily grind.  In 2016, I commit to doing more of that, ideally not involving medical leave.

What went well?  I was able to expand my reach this year, helping more people in their personal and professional journeys.

I am excited to have launched the new website, newsletter, ebooks and supporting forms/worksheets, all focused on helping make the aspirations of authentic leadership achievable.  Additionally, I’m exited to see what resonated with my readers this year, to influence topics in 2016:

Managing People Frustrations (Parts I, II, and III)

These is a series of articles with advice when we’re frustrated in our interpersonal interactions.  Part II was featured by SmartBrief in 2015, which was an exciting achievement for me personally.

Risk Vulnerability and Strengthen Your Team

I co-hosted my first tweetchat this year with Dan Forbes, of Leads with Giants fame.  Our topic was vulnerability and how it can make us more powerful and effective leaders.

How to Successfully Align your Head and Heart

If we’re ingenuine in our interactions, it can be sensed by others.  However, sometimes we are not yet ready to move past a challenge, adversely impacting our ability to move on to a new opportunity.

Living Leadership – What’s your VITAE?

I had an AHA moment driving one afternoon, realizing the final component of my leadership philosophy.  Compelled to share it with all of you, it was the start of many changes and growth in 2015.

How to Get Promoted when Hard Work Isn’t Enough

This year, I committed to putting more tools into your hands.  In 2016, I’ll be writing more content for those looking to grow professionally with specifics on how to achieve your aspirations.


I cannot wait to see what challenges and opportunities 2016 brings our way.  While the idea of more challenges may make us cringe, those challenges often become the impetus for amazing new opportunities.

I hope the new year brings all of us enough challenges for growth, but with the added resiliency to stay the course until we can realize whatever learnings await us.  As well as a few kick ass opportunities to show the world what we’re made of!


What articles did you like best in 2015?  Are there topics you’d like to see more of in 2016?  I’d love to hear from you in the comment so I can focus on what’s most valuable to you.