Kickstart your day

Leadership inspiration can be found anywhere.  Recently, I have been finding it all over Pinterest.

It is amazing the wonderful images and quotes that so many have posted, reminding us to be our authentic selves, prompting us to be better leaders, or inspiring us to push our boundaries and move past our fears.

Here are some of my all time favorites.  I hope they inspire you too.

1.  When you are confronted by an obstacle.

It's not your door

Pinned by Lilla K


2. When you need a dose of bad ass.

Who's going to stop me

Pinned by Allison Hutson


3.  When in doubt about your abilities.

Posted by Clare O'Connor

Pinned by Clare O’Connor


4.  When you need to get your brave on.

Posted by Tiffany Rickard

Pinned by Tiffany Rickard


5.  When you are not happy with your current circumstances.

Life has no remote

Pinned by carrie smith


6.  When you are unsure whether you should step in to help.

Posted by Rebekah Radice

Pinned by Rebekah Radice


7.  When you wonder if you should drink the kool-aid.

Posted by Abbey Butcher

Pinned by Abbey Butcher


8.  When you’re not sure if you should pursue your dreams today.

Posted by Andreia Aierdna

Pinned by Andreia Aierdna


9.  When you’re deep in the poop.

Pinned by Andrea Thompson

Pinned by Andrea Thompson


10.  When you are surrounded by naysayers.

Pinned by Allyson Williams

Pinned by Allyson Williams


Which of these is your favorite?  Do you have another inspirational quote that gets you motivated in the morning?  I’d love if you would share it in the comments to inspire me!