Authentic Leadership


Are there leaders whose impact has lingered, long after they’ve left?  Who you’ve stayed in contact with, or followed?

Have you ever considered why?

When we are our authentic selves, in life and leadership, it allows us to create deep connections with others.    Letting our teams see who we are, beyond the role – to the talents and the struggles – allows them to imagine themselves in us.  To see their own opportunity.

I do not suggest baring your soul.  Instead, share relevant stories.  When someone on your team struggles – if you’ve had a similar experience, share it.  It takes you off the pedestal they have put you on.  Even if you never intended to be there.

Being authentic in your interactions makes you approachable, your role attainable, and your advice achievable.  It makes you memorable.


At last week’s Mass Conference for Women, we were all asked to share one piece of advice on an index card that could be shared with another attendee.  My best advice for anyone is to figure out how to be you.  Be vulnerable and let go of anything less.

Lead with vulnerability.  Perfect doesn't exist and veneers are not real.  Let them go.