Leadership Inspiration – New Year

Leadership Inspiration – New Year

New Year New You

Another year is coming to a close.  How was it?  Was it what you imagined or aspired to?

While I’m not big on resolutions – I think anything worth doing should start now, not on a particular day – I do believe that a new year is a great time to take stock.

Taking stock means looking back on the last year, last role, or last relationship.  Think about what worked and what didn’t, and close that chapter.  Each year is an opportunity to start the first page of a new chapter, and make it what we want.

With a new year comes an opportunity for a new you.  As you write your story this year, make it a good one.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!

How to Keep Your Career Grass Growing Strong

How to Keep Your Career Grass Growing Strong

How to keep your career grass growing strong

Each day when we wake up, we can decide to keep going down the path we’re headed, or take a new one.

When it comes to work, that fork in the road can be based on many factors.  Rarely is it about money.  Instead, recognition, growth, development and challenging assignments are often what make us consider whether we stay where we are or look elsewhere.

It’s a question of whether we still see our current grass as green, and new grass as being any greener.

Honestly, our career is a field of never-ending grass.  How green we see it is all a matter of our perspective and our investment in making it the grass we want.

Considering a new position

Before considering any change, it is important to go back to our definition of success.  That should be the baseline for any evaluation of where we are and where we want to go.

It is possible that much of our success is defined outside of work – time with family or other personal pursuits.  As long as our job supports those endeavors, our career expectations maybe very different than someone where work has a key role in defining success.

Regardless of our priorities, evaluating our current position against our expectations of the future should be the first step in deciding whether or not to move on.

Leadership Inspiration – Wonder

Leadership Inspiration – Wonder

May you always retain the wonder of a child

I lost my belief in magic and fairy tales way too young.  When I became a mother, I rediscovered it.  Our family was brought together by nothing less than fate, magic, or heavenly intervention.  Whatever you may believe in, there are some things that are just magical to behold or be a part of.  Love and family are but two of them.

As my son grows, I am determined to encourage his belief in magic for as long as possible.  Some of the childhood figures, like Santa and the tooth fairy, are quickly losing their luster.  However, I am hopeful I can continue to expose him to the wonder of possibility.

Watching my son, and how he sees the world, reminds me of just how much wonder surrounds us every day.

This holiday season, I wish for you to pause.  To stop and look around.  To see the world – and the people in it – for all their glory.  That sense of wonder…of possibility…I can’t imagine a greater gift.

I hope you and yours have a merry, merry Christmas.

10 Best Leadership Inspirations to Kickstart Your Day

10 Best Leadership Inspirations to Kickstart Your Day

Kickstart your day

Leadership inspiration can be found anywhere.  Recently, I have been finding it all over Pinterest.

It is amazing the wonderful images and quotes that so many have posted, reminding us to be our authentic selves, prompting us to be better leaders, or inspiring us to push our boundaries and move past our fears.

Here are some of my all time favorites.  I hope they inspire you too.

1.  When you are confronted by an obstacle.

It's not your door

Pinned by Lilla K


Leadership Inspiration – Authentic Leadership

Leadership Inspiration – Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership


Are there leaders whose impact has lingered, long after they’ve left?  Who you’ve stayed in contact with, or followed?

Have you ever considered why?

When we are our authentic selves, in life and leadership, it allows us to create deep connections with others.    Letting our teams see who we are, beyond the role – to the talents and the struggles – allows them to imagine themselves in us.  To see their own opportunity.

I do not suggest baring your soul.  Instead, share relevant stories.  When someone on your team struggles – if you’ve had a similar experience, share it.  It takes you off the pedestal they have put you on.  Even if you never intended to be there.

Being authentic in your interactions makes you approachable, your role attainable, and your advice achievable.  It makes you memorable.


At last week’s Mass Conference for Women, we were all asked to share one piece of advice on an index card that could be shared with another attendee.  My best advice for anyone is to figure out how to be you.  Be vulnerable and let go of anything less.

Lead with vulnerability.  Perfect doesn't exist and veneers are not real.  Let them go.