A mountain doesn't get any smaller by looking at it


Often, it is not until we are well into our journey that we realize the road ahead will be difficult.  We can look back at our progress, motivated by how far we’ve come.

What if our journey starts out rough?  What if we can see just how challenging that mountain will be to climb?

The question to ask yourself is – Do I want it?  Is the destination worth the effort?

If the answer is yes, then get going.  No mountain ever got smaller by staring at it.  You can’t wish the climb away.

What you can do is take one step.  And then another.  You can make progress towards your goal.

It may look continue to look like a rough road ahead.  Looking back, you can take pride in how far you’ve come.  In your courage to take the first step.

And you can anticipate the glorious feeling of triumph once you’ve gotten to the destination.  When you can look back at that rough road as a testament to your perseverance.

Now get a move on.  I’ll see you on top!