Let momentum carry you through


I’ve broken a few bones in my time.

I wish I could say I was doing something fun or daring.  But, alas, they were the result of being overly conservative.

While my friends were racing around on their bicycles, I slowed down going into turns.  When they ran through puddles, I walked.

In each case, they had momentum on their side, which carried them through what could be a hazardous condition.

As the cautious one, I was slower.  I had no momentum.  I didn’t have enough speed to keep me going through the hazards and fell.  A few broken legs later, and you figure out that being overly cautious may be as dangerous as going too fast.

It is the same with much in life.  When we have momentum on our side, we can power our way through challenging situations.  When we are slow and cautious, potential speed bumps feel like mountains to cross.

So get up your speed.  Get some momentum behind your goals and plans.  Start delivering and stop focusing on all the things that could go wrong.

There will be hazards.  There will be scary moments.  Let your momentum carry you through.