Create a Powerful Message with Visual Elements in 5 Steps

Create a Powerful Message with Visual Elements in 5 Steps

Powerful Messages with Visual Elements

In any communication, there is a risk of misinterpretation of the message between sender and receiver.

When we plan our communications, we intend to send message “X.”  A recipient receives and translates our message with his or her own lens, history and perspective.  The result may be that “Y” is what’s heard.

There is a reason for the expression “an image is worth 1,000 words.”  If we want our message sent and received as we intend, images can make all the difference.

We’ve all seen them – those powerpoint presentations or infographics that make a message stick.  Images that lessen the need to interpret what is being said, and create a mental image consistent with the sender’s intent.

For better or worse, leaders spend a lot of their time communicating – both sending and receiving.  If that communication is limited to words, there is a risk of misinterpretation on both directions.  Yet, the use of visual elements can accelerate alignment.

We’ve all done it – seen amazing powerpoint presentations or other images that we think “wow…I couldn’t do that.”  Of course you can.  We all can.

Following these steps, we can increase the “stickiness” of our messages through imagery.

Leadership Inspiration – Incremental Improvement

Leadership Inspiration – Incremental Improvement

Change happens in inches. Celebrate every one.


Dramatic change can be frightening or fantastic.  It happens in an instant.  There’s no delayed gratification or wondering what or when something might happen.

Yet real change doesn’t work that way.  Progress can be measured in inches.  It’s incremental and slow going.  But, if it’s done right, this kind of improvement sticks.

Change can be hard.  Our determination has to win out over our impatience.  So celebrate.  Every win.  Every inch.  Throw a damn party and dance if you want to.

You’ve earned it.

How to Navigate the Change Leader’s Journey

How to Navigate the Change Leader’s Journey

How to Navigate the

The Hero’s Journey

Change Management is focused on transforming what is into what could be. This is very much aligned to the Hero’s journey of preparation, transformation and the return.

  • Preparation – Readying for the transformation by obtaining necessary skills, resources, and direction.
  • Transformation – Affect the change. Whether it is internal or external, slay the dragons and make the change the new normal.
  • The Return – Share learnings to help others in their preparation to easy the journey.

When given a new assignment, we may not have much time to prepare. We may be expected to hit the ground running and immediately demonstrate value.

With no time to prepare, and an uncertain path ahead to the horizon, what can a change leader do to make forward progress?

Every Hero Needs a Mentor

In every hero story, there is a mentor that helps guide the way.  In the work environment, there are likely several.

Reach out to people and create relationships. In every organization, there are people we can learn from, happy to help someone along their way. We just need to find them.