Do not go where the road takes you, Blaze a Trail

We could get up every day and follow the path laid out before us.  It is comfortable to travel known roads, with clear signs.  Signs that tell us what’s allowed, how fast to go, when to turn, or when to slow down.

Yet taking those roads mean letting someone else decide our journey.  Our path in life.

We are not designed to show up every day for our limited days on this planet, only doing what others think we should do.  We are designed to figure out just what we can do.

We cannot know courage, unless we are willing to experience fear.  What fear can be found on a known path?

We cannot know growth, unless we are willing to experience discomfort.  How uncomfortable can we feel, following the footsteps of someone else?

Be brave.  Take an unmarked turn and make the trail your own.