Powerful Leadership Lessons that Graduate from College to Career

Powerful Leadership Lessons that Graduate from College to Career

Powerful Leadership Lessons
The Lessons that Stay with Us

Graduation time has come and gone again this year.  Many friends and family members have returned from attending their children’s graduations from high school or college.

This is the time of year that reminds me to cherish my son’s childhood, as it will be over way too soon.  It also reminds me of just how long it’s been since I was in school.

Thinking back to those college days, it’s difficult to recall many learnings that have remained true in the day-to-day of work and life.

I have one such lesson that has stuck with me since my freshman year in college.

I was in the middle of a year away from home for the first time, of discovering boyfriends and parties, of studying and learning what happens when you don’t.  I walked away with one lesson that I continue to use and has remained true as my skills and leadership have evolved.

Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs

I remember the “a-ha” moment when Maslov was introduced in class.  The idea that we have different types of needs, and that the foundational ones must be addressed before we can focused on advanced needs, resonated with me in a fundamental way.

Leadership Inspiration – Change the World

Leadership Inspiration – Change the World

It only takes one to change the world


How do you change the world?  One person at a time.

All it takes is each one of us, committed to sharing our light with others.  Reflecting our light so things are a little less dark for someone else.

Our goal should be to help one other person at each stop on our journey.  The lessons we learn on our path can help someone else’s be a little easier.


Why All Leaders Need Vegas

Why All Leaders Need Vegas


We all remember the ads.

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

It was an encouragement to cut loose.  Make mistakes.  And leave it all behind when the trip is over.

For years, I’ve called my office “Vegas.”  When the door closes, it’s a cue that what is said in the room, stays in the room.

As a leader, I believe it is critical to have that safe place.  For my team, and myself.

We all have filters.  There’s what we can say to our spouse.  Or our child.  Our team.  Or our manager.

While we can attempt to live leadership in all aspects of our lives, we must be mindful of our surroundings.

When I’m home and little ears are listening, I phrase things differently than when my husband and I are alone.

In my manager’s office, there is a difference for both of us when the door is open versus when it is closed.

When I walk the floor, I will engage members of the team in conversation.  Maybe share an anecdote or a laugh.  Nothing is said that I would mind someone from another team overhearing.  In my office, however, the filters are left at the door.

Sometimes, our people need to say words that are not appropriate in public.  Other times, they need to hear us say such words on their behalf.


Dads and Dads to be – Happy Father’s Day

Dads and Dads to be – Happy Father’s Day

Thank you Dads. Happy Father's Day

All dads are different.  They hold a special place in the homes and hearts of their families.  No matter your role as a dad, thank you for all that you do.

Whether it’s killing spiders, helping with homework, doing the laundry, vetting boyfriends, making breakfast, coaching a sport, or any number of other contributions, this day’s for you.

I hope you get to do something you love with the people you love today.  Happy Father’s Day.