3 Ways to Blow an Interview

3 Ways to Blow an Interview

3 Ways to blow an interview
Last week, I shared some insights on career change.  Once someone makes the mental commitment to change jobs, then starts the real work of updating resumes and prepping for interviews.


Finding “The One”

Job hunting can feel a lot like online dating.  Hiring managers post what they want in a relationship (employee/role) and what they have to offer (benefits/culture/etc).  Possible candidates respond with their profile (resume) and hope they make the first cut of potentials.  Then it might be a phone call (screening interview) or two, before eventually – maybe – making it to an actual date (interview).

Both sides might have to look at a lot of profiles before finding a potential fit.  And that’s just the beginning.

Career Change – Steady Going or Role Roulette?

Career Change – Steady Going or Role Roulette?

Role Roulette
Over the years, I have worked with many coworkers and friends to help them plan a path into the next phase of their lives or careers.

With Marines, the decision was to reenlist, go to college, or respond to the lure of a real paycheck.  In consulting, it was whether to continue the grueling hours away from friends and family, go independent or take a normal job that’s stable and predictable.

Now that I’m in one of those normal jobs, with stability and predictability, sometimes it amazes me how many people still approach me about doing something different.  The only constant is change.

The Star Wars Dream Team – Which one are you?

The Star Wars Dream Team – Which one are you?

Star Wars Dream Team
My son is about to turn six and I couldn’t wait any longer to introduce my movie buddy to Empire Strikes Back.  Over the long holiday weekend, I put the movie in and he was so excited!

Unfortunately, I had horrible timing.  After a hot day at the beach, he fell asleep in the first 15 minutes!

With my buddy snoozing, I was able to peacefully rewatch one of my favorite movies.  The next day, he wanted to pick up where he fell asleep…and racked out again!

I probably watched Empire four times over the weekend, enthralled with how Luke, Leia, Han and the gang worked as individuals and a team to problem solve and save the galaxy.  They reminded me of so many team members I have worked with over the years…as well as myself.  Each have characteristics to be admired, possibly rueful of, that any of us might identify with.

Leadership – Pool Side

Leadership – Pool Side

Leadership - pool side
I love games – particularly logic problems and word games.  Growing up, I would work on crossword puzzles and ask my father for help.  His solution was always “Go get the Webster’s” – which was our 20lb dictionary.

Years later, I still like a challenge and thought I’d put one out here for fellow word game enthusiasts in the leadership community…Why?  Because summer, particularly 4th of July weekend, is made for pool/beach/lake-side fun.  Because games are a great way to relax and still learn something.

I’ve posted two examples here of using the letters in LEADERSHIP to message what leadership means to me.  I’d encourage you to add your own and maybe even use some other words that are key to leadership success and keep the conversation going.




















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