Top 10 Things I am Grateful for
Today, many of us find ourselves reflecting on what we are thankful for.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d dedicate this week’s post to what I am thankful for as a wife, mother, leader, and person.

I am thankful for…

  • Every dark road I’ve traveled.  Both the ones that ended in a scary place I was able to move past, and those that could have.  For the wake up calls from both.
  • Every bright and wonderful detour experienced along the way.  For making the entire journey of life worth taking and reminding me in the middle of darker times that they will pass.

  • The inspiring and supportive mentors, friends, and leaders I’ve had the fortune to have alongside me throughout my life and career.  They have provided the occasional motivation, energy, criticism, and kick in the butt I needed to affect change at home or at work.
  • Those that were not so inspiring or supportive.  Learning what not to do is as valuable as having a positive influence to model.  And helped me value the positive ones more when I found them.
  • Opportunities to lead teams in organizations that have values aligned to mine.  I did not expect to find another organization after the Marine Corps that could inspire me.  Though different, I have been blessed to find another mission I can believe in and leaders worth following.
  • Working for companies or organizations that were not all that I would have liked them to be.  They gave me the motivation to create my own in whatever corner of the universe I was in.
  • Being the type of leader and mentor I aspire to be – treating my people with dignity and respect and focusing on them before the results we are expected to deliver.
  • Those times when I am not perfect.  For every error in judgement, word that should not have been spoken or should have and wasn’t, lack of or too much tact, the HUGE mistakes I can count on two hands in two decades and any other cringe-worthy actions along the way.
  • The chaos and constant change that formed the base of my early life as we moved from Marine Corps Base to Marine Corps Base.  I know it is foundational to my compelling desire to lead change as an adult.
  • The three most important people in my life.  For being my stability in a life that’s been mostly devoid of it.  You are the only home I need, no matter where my “things” are.

I will happily take the good and the bad, the dark and the light throughout my life and career.  Why?  Because it is only through every choice I made AND the ones I didn’t that got me to right here.  And I would not choose to be anywhere or anyone else other than who and where I am today.

I challenge all of us to let go of the lost opportunities, wrong roads, bad relationships, and other choices we hold on to and say we’d change given the chance.  Instead, let’s be thankful for each and every one as a step to get us to who and where we are right now.

I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.